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Text "GETARCNOW" to 85100 or call us toll-free at (877) 272-3483
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May 14, 2020

Income Growth

What are the rewards? A great deal of personal reward can come from doing important work that has a positive impact on people’s lives. Plus, a career with ARC offers tremendous income potential as well. $50,000 in the first year isn’t unusual… $100,000 or more is possible. Top earners enjoy truly exceptional incomes and lifestyle that is second to none.

Part of the reason that income can grow so dramatically is because our associates enjoy the benefit of leverage from client referrals plus the advantage of earning residual income! This means that when a sale is made you not only earn income the year the sale is made, but also in the years that follow!

The chart to the right illustrates income growth:

Here are the assumptions:

There is an average product mix of Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Long Term Care, Life and Annuities.

First year commissions = $53,216
Renewal commissions assume 10% loss of premium each year.

Renewals calculate as follows:

Year 2 = $17,954
Year 5 = $13,088

Year 3 = $16,128
Year 6 = $11,779

Year 4 = $14,542

The benefit of residual income: Consistently earning $53,216 in new business commissions can cause your income to more than double to $126,739 in six years…Do you have what it takes? If you qualify, the rewards are outstanding.